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Business and private clients alike are plagued by emails . . . we have developed the technology to bin them without binning your business . . . as well as overload protection to prevent DoS mailbombs from bringing servers down
We analyse intimately the current trends in spam, sources and construction and are at the leading edge of identification and blocking. Our knowledge of this has helped us to build server protection systems so that servers will resist being brought down by mailbombs. Whilst a small historical insight into our methods remain on this site, we do not publish our current techniques for obvious reasons: consult us!

If your business relies on accepting enquiries, especially for holiday accommodation then antEspam will protect you from losing wanted emails, bookings, sales and business.

  • Our work developed from providing webmaster services to the tourist industry, especially for self catering apartments and villa rentals on a commission basis. As we did not want to see commission running away in lost emails, lost enquiries and lost business, we became passionate to make sure that wanted business enquiry emails were delivered. This put our services in a class beyond any other spam-protection service on the net specifically for the accommodation business.
  • Every lost enquiry means lost business. Every email wrongly deleted amongst the morass of spam means lost business.
  • Many businesses think that they can rely on vanilla spam protection designed for general purposes out of the box. Our experience is that they cannot, and they lose business as a result.
  • Most businesses who are losing business don't know it. "Hands up who's not here!" Businesses don't know about the emails that are not in their box that should be . . . because the emails were not there to be able to shout "Yes, I'm here"
  • We have a database with half decade of experience of the forms in which enquiries take, so we can accurately identify the enquiry and booking emails that you want as a holiday accommodation provider.
  • Enquiries for other businesses are linguistically similar, so whether you sell party balloons, plastic boxes or widgets, we can protect your in-box to make sure those orders aren't lost
  • We also study criminal scams and have saved hotel clients from false bookings and artists from money-laundering buyers

Efficiency of our filters

Our filters are particularly efficient based upon years of research and experience, utilising features of the Spam-Assassin configuration file in a wholly novel way. The filters analyse in detail every conceivable aspect of the structure, composition, technicalities and linguistics of an email. We are willing to licence use of our file on your server and provide appropriate adaptation services.

Server failure protection

  • We combine efficient spam protection with a special server safety valve to reduce the liklihood of the server from falling over during a virus-storm or DOS attack.
  • If your server has a version of SpamAssassin installed we can licence our safety-valve technology for use on your server.


  • We charge just 70 or 110Eu or $130 per year to filter single addresses. This can include a mailbox on our server and a webmail service so that you can attend to holiday rentals bookings whilst you're at your holiday villa or apartment or local internet cafe.
  • We can supply our filters and regular maintenance service for use on corporate servers upwards from 5000 per year, or provide sections of filters to deal with specific spams that you are already trying to block with SpamAssassin, or provide other consultancy expertise to apply our experience to your systems.
  • Does your company spend 10 per day on employees' time checking spam and adjusting filters? For 3000 per year we provide a spam filtering advisory news service with details on how to tackle the latest flavour of spam.

The deterrent effect
Just mentioning services on your webpage acts as a deterrent for spammers to target.

It is wise for spammers not to spam you as the more they spam your protected address, the more they tell us about themselves and their methods which we broadcast to our SpamInsights subscribers and apply to our filters.

PLEASE NOTE: Please don't send us copies of spams without contacting us first. We will send you a special address for your email . . . Othyerwise your email with a copy of the spam will be caught in our spam filters!

Subscribe - Many people arrive at our site as a result of spams or scams wasting their time - don't allow your time to be wasted any more!