Examples of spam


If you have an email address exposed on a webpage, if the webpage is a good one and found on the search engines, you will receive spam. We examine spam received on over 200 spam-traps throughout the web and so know where spam comes from . . . There are no more than a dozen or so sources utilising few more than a handful of techniques to fill your email box with rubbish. We advise banks, law enforcement angencies and the police on the nature of current spams and their sources and publish our findings to our SpamInsights subscribers.

As well as the usual spams endlessly peddling viagra and the other drugs which we don't bother to read, there are a handful of themes which are variously more interesting, predictable, amusing if you like reading rubbish, criminal and sickening. The

Some so-called authorities on Spam peddle a myth that most spam comes from remote countries and that none comes from the USA. Such a view promotes a terrible injustice - the reality is that most automated spam tracks down to North America as its source. A smaller amount comes from the UK whilst Nigerians and other West Africans, together with colleagues in the USA, UK and France laboriously use the net for fraudulent schemes. Whilst the "western" view of remote countries is that of impoverished lives, the emanating sources of spam in North America demonstrate both underlying poverty and greed, epitomised by the sight of black beggars in Baltimore disenfranchised by the state without proper education, jobs or prospects.

A short bus ride from central Baltimore leads to contrasting fairy-tale millionaires' communities with individually planted communal spaces. The human race becomes increasingly robotised by the ever more gargantuan administrative processes which rob them of thought and threaten their jobs and make the mass-producers richer leaving greed to become the only way out of poverty.

The two SSs result - Spam and Scam. Antespam.co.uk stops the mass-distribution of both.

With sophistication beyond the norm we check incoming email for over 10,000 criteria to give the best possible accuracy


Unsurpassed Spam blocking for any email address published on a webpage. Monitored spam-bin minimises risks of losing wanted emails. Don't trust services where you do not know what mails you are losing! Don't trust anti-spam software which has to be downloaded onto your computer.


We aim to stop spam without stopping your business. If you don't have the services of an antispam spam blocking system, you are likely to waste hours per day in due course, viewing and deleting spam. The headache you will have, together with the speed at which you have to delete hundreds of emails, will mean that you delete your wanted emails by mistake. We block them before they get to you and we do so in a careful manner unlike any other spam remedy service.
Many anti-spam spam remedy services are crude and are capable of losing valuable business communications. Many people say "I don't need it - I have installed Product X on my computer" . . . but the reality is that if your existing solution is going to be effective for you, you'll have to waste thousands of hours re-inventing the wheel. Is your time you'll waste worth less than 70 per year?

In contrast to one-solution-fits all software you install on your machine or worse, buy from an ISP, we tailor our spam remedy service to the needs of our individual clients and our results benefit from years of research. You do not need to download software on your computer: we block the spam at our server.


How much? For individuals just £70 per year ($130 or 110EU) per address protected. Discounts for multiple addresses. Pay with Paypal, cheque or bank transfer.
We do the work to help you get on with your work.

If you want to buy maintained filter service to run on your version of SpamAssassin, please enquire: price depends on the size of your organisation. We can can save you this in problems your server will encounter running Bayes and large databases - and is much more accurate! Or you can subscribe to our SpamInsights service for less than 10 per day.

We see so much spam and have developed filters for so many years that we are able to supply expert consultancy advice on spam reduction issues. Please contact us to enquire.